Here are Misc.Survivalism's Food Storage Frequently Asked Questions (Food Storage FAQs) -  these files are a valuable resource for anyone interested in food storage, water treatment, first aid, communications, etc.
The files here are from House At Cat's Green, and are made available thanks to
Alan T. Hagan, the curator of the misc.survivalism food FAQs.

NOTICE:  Each document found on this page is the property of its author or editor and it is they who bear sole responsibility for the contents therein.  All downloadable files are in the PKZip compressed format unless stated otherwise.  If you are not able to decompress the files you may obtain the necessary software (shareware) from PKWare at
Threat Analysis  (What are you preparing for?), Richard DeCastro View it Download it
Prudent Food Storage FAQ, v3.5  Alan T. Hagan
an updated version 4 is available here
View it Download it
Water Treatment FAQ, v2.2  Patton Turner View it Download it
Medical Treatment FAQ, v2.0  Craig Ellis  View it Download it
Stored Food Pests FAQ, v1.0  Eric Richard Paulsen View it Download it
Communications & Signaling FAQ, v1.12  Mike Medintz, editor View it Download it
Bug-Out Bags v2.0  Mike Medintz  View it Download it
Metallurgy FAQ V 1.0   Drake H. Damerau    View it  
Generator FAQ V 1.0 Steve Dunlop   View it
Emergency Water Treatment & Sanitation Handout  Alan T. Hagan   View it Download it
Other FAQs to come in the future...